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Stillwater Tactical, LLC a Tactical Training Company based out of Molt, Montana is proud to announce our upcoming 6th annual Tactical Challenge for 2017. The Stillwater Tactical Challenge 2017 will be held May 19th, 20th and 21st 2017 once again at the Mayo Ranch North West of Reed Point, Montana.


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This year like last due to scheduling difficulties, Teams will be required to sign up for all 4 Courses of Fire. There will be no slots to just run individual courses, Teams Can choose not to run a specific course (i.e. Short Course, Team-On-Team) But are paying and signing up for all 4 courses. It has become too difficult to accomodate the few individual course applications.



Early Sign-ups:

January 1st - 31st: $500/Team ($250ea)

Febuary 1st - 29th: $550/Team ($275ea)

Last Chance Sign-ups:

March 1st - April 31st: $600/Team ($300ea)

Money/Funds must be recieved by SWT before the team slot is Reserved (1st Come-1st Serve!)


may 19th-21st, 2017

Reed point, Montana

-Shooter Meeting @ 6:30am Friday the 19th.

- First courseS of fire will start @ 7:00am sharp

- Teams must be available 2 hours prior to their start times to accomodate changes to the schedule


- rifle cartridges must be Short action - non-magnum


match outline

Two-person teams participate in all fourof the courses and as such are eligible for an overall 1st place match title and custom trophy. Also each course will be scored independently and each individual course champion will be awarded a custom trophy. 

A.      Tactical Short Course.  The Tactical Short Course is designed for two shooters to quickly advance along a course with numerous pistol and carbine targets. One team member will start the course as the designated pistol shooter (with carbine slung)and the second team member as the designated carbine shooter with pistol holstered.  At a designated midway point in the course, the roles will be reversed. Approximately 150 rounds of pistol and 100 rounds of carbine per team member are required. This does not preclude team members from carrying more ammunition, if desired.  The course has a time limit of 35 minutes. (*25% of overall match score)

B.      Dynamic Tactical Long Course. The Dynamic Tactical Long Range Course consists of the team moving through a course approximately one mile long with a 200 foot rise in elevation.  Throughout the course there will be at least 5 different firing stations. Each station consists of a series of steel targets that have to be located, identified, and fired upon at ranges from 150 yards to 800+ yards within a 70minute time limit. This course requires one team member to carry a bolt rifle (Round count to be announced) while the other carries a gas operated rifle (Round count to be announced.)  The targets for each shooter are different and designated by color. Each target can be fired at only twice for score. Misses count as zero, while hits count as 10 points each.Upon completion of all the firing stations, there may be a bonus target(s) available but those must be shot within the overall allotted time limit. (*35% of overall match score)

C.       Static Tactical Long Course.The Static Tactical Long Range Course has been changed from previous years and is an event where the team works together from a fixed position.  (NEW this year) The teams will use the same rifles that were used on the Dynamic Tactical Long Course. There will be 2 targets positioned at six different distances. There will be a 1.5 MOA target worth 10 points and 3.0 MOA target worth 4 points at each of these distances. The gas rifle operator will engage his targets first and will shoot at the closest 4 targets. They will have 5 shots for score at each distance (for a total of 20 rounds).  It is at the discretion of the shooter as to which scoring target they wish to shoot at. (Smaller being more difficult, but worth more points). After the gas rifle operator is finished, the bolt rifle operator will shoot at the 4 farthest distance targets in the same manner. Longer distance targets will be wooden with electronic sensors/lights for recording hits, while closer targets will be steel. The team will have 25 minutes to complete the course. Teams that finish under the 25 minutes will be awarded bonus points. (*30% of overall match score)

D.      Team-On-Team Course: One member using a gas operated rifle and the other a bolt rifle as in the Dynamic Course. This will be a single elimination, head-to-head, round robin style tournament with initial matchups based on the standings of the other three courses (Team 1 vs. Team 40, Team 2 vs. Team 39 etc.) Teams will be awarded point towards based on their placement in the tournament. These additional points will be applied towards the overall championship score. (*10% of overall  match score)

(*Course weight)

                All targets used throughout the four stages of fire will be steel targets (there will be some wooden targets       with electronic sensors on the New Static Course.)

Rifle cartridges are limited to Short Action (non-Magnums). if you have a question concerning your catridge contact us.

Door prizes this year will be drawn throughout the competition starting Friday morning and completing by noon on Sunday.

We are receiving numerous items from all types of sponsors again this year and we ask that you keep looking at our site and give them attention when looking to purchase new items.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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